UniteNC.com域名注册始于2003年,也就是注册者在美研修期间灵感所创,因为实际持有人对数字控制有着较高的热情。UniteNC寓意是Unite And See,即无论科研或者创业都需要团队团结而凝聚力量,从而前景才能光明。在UniteNC最初的意思里,NC也就是Numeric Control(数字控制)NC也可以表达Network Computer(网络计算机)Numeric Chip(数字芯片)NeuroComputing(神经计算)Network Camcorder(网络摄像机)Network Communication(网络通信)Network Conference(网络会议)以及Network Cloud(网络云)等等意思。适合于高科技公司或者互联网公司以及超市或大型集团包括银行名称等。UniteNC用于中国公司,可起名联合*聚力*统一*群智公司集团等。现出售UniteNC.com, UniteNC.net, UniteNC.org, UniteNC.com.cnUniteNC.cn域名,欢迎有意购买者联系洽谈。联系邮箱:unitenc#126.com  (#须修改@)


Registration of the domain UniteNC.com was started in 2003, the year when the registrant was inspired during the study and research carried out in USA because the domain holder had enthusiasm for numeric control. UniteNC means “Unite And See”, which implies we need to unite the power of the teamwork whether in science and research or startup to have a bright future. Of UniteNC, NC initially means Numeric Control. It also means Network Computer, Numeric Chip, NeuroComputing, Network Camcorder, Network Communication, Network Conference and Network Cloud, etc. Relevant names may be good for high technology companies, internet websites, supermarkets or group companies including banks. The holder has the intention to sell the domain names UniteNC.com, UniteNC.net, UniteNC.org, UniteNC.com.cn and UniteNC.cn at a reasonable price. If you are interested in the above-mentioned domain names you may contact unitenc#126.com (replace #) for further information. 

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